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Southwest Florida is one of the top year-round sunny vacation destinations in the Sunshine State. It offers a diverse range of outdoor activities, allowing you to spend your days both in and out of the crystal blue waters.

It’s known for its natural scenery, golf courses, shopping, and even some good old-fashioned exploring! Southwest Florida is not just for adults; children will undoubtedly love all of the fun and excitement that awaits them. One of the many advantages of living in Southwest Florida is that there is always something fresh to see and do.

Southwest Florida has so much to offer! Here are some activities that you might want to add in your bucket list to do in SW Florida.


  1.       Imaginarium Hands-On Museum and Aquarium

One side of the Imaginarium is an interactive science museum where you can pretend to be an archaeologist hunting for dinosaur bones or be trapped in a cyclone.  There are also exhibits like Touch tank where you’ll be able to touch stingrays and other animal labs. The other part of the Imaginarium is an aquarium where kids can experience marine life.


  1.       The Baker Museum

If you want to see the unique spirit and generosity of Southwest Florida, then this museum should be part of your bucket list! This museum is dedicated to show world-class painting, drawing and other art forms, at the same time they provide educational programs and lectures.


  1.       Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium

Here you can have a meet and greet with the center’s resident animas like skunks, raccoons, and birds of prey like hawks, eagles, and owls. You’ll be exposed to the native Florida wildlife and learn about the natural history of Southern Florida.


  1.       Taste the Jaxson’s Ice Cream

Jaxson’s Ice Cream serves huge portions of ice cream to both kids and kids at heart. They’ve been serving desserts for over 58 years and you can choose from 45 unique flavors of ice cream! It’s a perfect match for the tropical weather of Southwest Florida. Your adventure in SW Florida won’t be completed until you try this!


  1.       Edison and Ford Winter Estates, Southern Florida

This historic complex on the Caloosahatchee River, which spans more than 20 acres, provides a unique look into the lives of two of America’s greatest inventors and influential men, Thomas A. Edison and Henry Ford. You’ll experience beautiful botanical gardens and nine historic buildings, which include Edison’s Botanic Research Laboratory and the Estates Museum, which houses inventions, antiques, and special exhibit galleries. Also, get a chance to see some of his first light bulbs in the lab!


  1.       Due South Brewing – taste a sample craft beer

This is one of the best breweries in South Florida. It all started as a home brewing hobby turned into a 27,000 square foot warehouse where dozens of beers are made throughout the year. Have a taste of their best seller and popular caramel scented Caramel Cream Ale. The tropical weather of SW Florida calls for a few sips of cold brew.


  1.       Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

Experience the spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay while visiting the oldest lighthouse in the region built in 1825. It is also considered as one of the top ten beaches in America. You can enjoy swimming, playing and even boating on the Atlantic!




These are just a handful of the great things to do in Southwest Florida. There’s no shortage of fun activities in SW Florida, whether it’s parks, educational museums, historical sites, foods, nature, and so on. If a typical 3 days’ vacation is not enough to enjoy everything that this place offers, consider moving here!


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