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Did you know that almost everyone living in Southwest Florida is originally from another place? Every year, many are attracted to this Sunshine State! So, if you are thinking of moving to SW Florida, you are not alone.

It has so much to offer from the nice sunny weather and diverse population to different attractions and business opportunities. This is the ideal place for anyone who’s thinking of moving across the state.

Here are some of the reasons why many are attracted to call Southwest Florida their “home”.

1. Warm and sunny weather throughout the year. 

Many people are moving to Florida to enjoy 250 days of warm and nice sunny weather. During summertime, it can get hot and humid but this doesn’t last. This is the best place for you especially if you love the outdoors! The warm and sunny weather allows you to do many water sport and other outdoor activities. There might be occasional tropical storms or rainfalls but it only lasts for a few hours. Before you know it, Mr. sunshine is waving again! You can also forget shoveling snow in the winter!


2. Best beaches and outdoor activities.

Southwest Florida is home to amazing beaches. There are plenty of well-known beaches here that if you want to relax and experience stunning because you don’t have to travel far. It is just right out of your doorstep! There’ll never be a shortage of award-winning beaches when you live here.

Enjoy water sports activities, swimming, boating, and other outdoor activities like biking, walking, gardening all year round! You can also do a lot of golf!


3.  Access to major cities.

You don’t have to miss major cities like Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and many more as you are just a few hours away from them. You are also near small and major airports that have daily flights to different major cities.

Being near airports and having easy access to major cities can make your life easier!


4.  Cultural diversity.

Many people fall in love with Florida and decide to move here. They may be from across the states or other countries with different ages, religions, and backgrounds. This is one of the many reasons why this place is such a fun and interesting place to live in. Despite different cultures, languages that you might encounter, a mix of delectable foods, Southwest Florida still has the most tranquil neighbors!


5.  Affordable Real Estate & Cost of Living.

Living in Southwest Florida will not break your bank! Aside from not having to pay a state income tax, real estate is also affordable in this area. Whether you are building your dream home or moving to a newly constructed or renovated house, it will not cost you more than how much you will pay in other areas! But of course, that is still depending on your needs and wants.



The laidback lifestyle in Southwest Florida is second to none. It doesn’t matter if you are young and seeking to start your career or you are preparing for your retirement destination or if you are starting a family – this place will not disappoint you! If you’ve decided that you’d like to move here but you’re unsure of where and how to start your house hunting, you can always rely on the best realtor in town!

Get in touch with us today and let’s discuss your realty needs – may it be buying, selling, or even finding the best lot where to build your dream home. We will help you find the best real estate match for you based on your want and needs!