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Buying or selling a home is definitely an experience of a lifetime. However, this journey is not going to be easy especially if it is your first time buying or sell your home and that is why we have real estate agents. They are the one who’s responsible in helping you find the best home for you or sell your home fast. But there’s a catch… not all real estate agents are created equal!  There are so many to choose from but finding the perfect match for you is going to be quite a challenge.

You might hire the first agent you’ve talked to, and that’s understandable especially if you want to save time and effort. But bear in mind that your real estate agent can make or break your house hunting or selling experience.

Here are some tips that you need to know when looking for a real estate agent:

  1. Availability

It is expected that you’ll have frequent communication with your agent so you would want to choose someone who’s responsive and more reachable. Someone who knows how to acknowledge receipt of an email, text message, or even phone call within a few hours of receiving your message.

  1. Knowledgeable

Real estate markets differ from one town to another. It is a “MUST” that you find an agent that is very familiar with the local real estate market that where you’re eyeing to buy or sell your home. He/She should also know the local rules, regulations, and various documents that are required in purchasing or selling a home.

Your real estate agent should be able to determine how much to offer for a home depending on the location and other factors.

  1. Honest

It seems cliché but this is a key element that you should be looking out for. You want an agent who has the best interest of his/her clients, is honest, and trustworthy. It’s not easy to determine if an agent is honest but you can do 2 things: trust your “gut feeling” or ask for the contact information of previous buyers that they represented.

  1. Personable

You want your real estate agent to exhibit excellent communication skills and have the skills to deal with others professionally. Remember, you’re not the only one he/she will be communicating with. A personality conflict might trigger a barrier that can complicate your buying/selling process.

You will also spend more time with your agent so you should like him/her! An approachable and easy to work with all types of persons is the best pick!

  1. Tech-Savvy

Nowadays, technology is the best and preferred method of communication by many, not just in the real estate world. Being tech-savvy is another minimum requirement as a realtor – phone call, email, text, and other messaging apps. Many people also prefer searching online “first” for properties before attending an open house or even making an offer, so your agent should know how to search for the best property listing online. If you are selling a home, your agent should know how to take a few photos and post them online with a few descriptions.



Buying or selling a home is not an easy task – it requires a lot of patience, dedication, and a good and trustworthy realtor. Refer to the list above for some of the factors that you have to consider when choosing the right agent. Remember, you’ll be putting yourself in a good position when you hire the right agent for you. Your home buying or selling journey might be smoother than you’ve expected!


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